Changhae Park – NXP Semiconductors

Changhae Park is vice president of IP monetization at NXP Semiconductors NV and is based in Austin, Texas. In this role he manages all aspects of IP monetization business processes including identification of monetization opportunities, reverse engineering, preparation of claim charts, technical reviews with potential licensees and IP purchasers, negotiations of agreement terms and conditions, and litigations in various venues. Before the merger with NXP he served as the chief IP officer of Freescale semiconductors and oversaw the IP counseling and creation processes as well as the IP licensing business.

Dr. Park started his career in the semiconductor industry as a research engineer and has developed extensive technical expertise in semiconductor devices and manufacturing processes. He held several technical and managerial positions of increasing scope in Cypress semiconductor and Motorola’s semiconductor products sector. Shortly after completing his MBA he became the head of an R&D organization in Motorola. His interest in IP monetization started while he was running the R&D organization, where he promoted transfer and licensing of the technologies developed in the organization. This eventually led him to an expanded role of managing all of the licensing businesses in Motorola semiconductor sector, and later, Freescale semiconductors. He has led numerous IP monetization campaigns and generated around $2 billion from a large number of deals with major corporations in the semiconductor and electronics industries around the world.

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