Allison Chock – Bentham IMF

Allison Chock, Chief Investment Officer-US, oversees Bentham IMF’s investment management and due diligence processes across its four US offices. An experienced litigator, Ms. Chock now manages the company’s investments that provide non-recourse capital for companies, individuals, and law firms. She helps guide decisions pertaining to the company’s full multi-million dollar US investment portfolio, successfully investing in cases that return victories for the plaintiffs and the lawyers litigating the claims alike.

Ms. Chock is one of only four individuals recognized as experts in the field of litigation funding within the US by Chambers and Partners. She has also been recognized as a leading consultant and strategist to the legal profession in the LawDragon Global 100 for the past four years in a row. Ms. Chock moved into the US litigation finance industry during its nascent stage and possesses expertise that is often sought out by lawyers, law firms and members of the business community seeking to understand how funding works, and how it can help them. She frequently speaks at conferences and events hosted by various professional organizations and provides CLE seminars for law firms.

Ms. Chock also holds a variety of leadership positions to help increase access to civil justice. She is on the board of advisors for UC Irvine and UC Berkeley law schools’ joint Civil Justice Research Initiative, which studies factors that limit access to America’s court system. She also sits on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors for Public Counsel, the largest pro bono law firm in the nation, which works with major law firms and corporations to impact a wide spectrum of people who live at or below the poverty level.

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