What Attendees Say About Dealmaker Forums…

“This is one of the best conferences in which I have participated during my more than four-decade career, including my 30 years on the federal bench. The speakers were top of the line, and the panel discussions were highly educational.”
-Former Chief District Judge James Holderman (Ret.)

“The presentations often stimulated lively high quality discussions among attendees. The one-to-one meeting setup is a really efficient way to meet new and existing contacts. This was all about real money and real issues.”
-Gerhard Tschiedel, Senior Licensing Counsel, Siemens AG

“It was first class all the way. The speakers were A list, as were the attendees. Everything was thought out, from the programming to networking opportunities to coordinated one-on-one meetings. “
-Gene Quinn, Editor, IPWatchdog

“The thought leaders from all industry sectors show up consistently every year. The key decision makers are all there!”
-DJ Nag, Associate VP, The Ohio State University

“The content of the panels is very informative, the attendees are the real players in the market, and the One-to- One meeting format is very productive to getting deals done.”
-Steven Pedersen, Attorney, Law Offices of Steven R. Pedersen

“Conferences don’t get better than this!”
-Gerald Holtzman, President, PMC

“The size of the conference is perfect, it enabled me to get in front of and talk with the people that I had targeted ahead of time. Easily the most impactful conference from a networking perspective that I have ever been to.”
-Scott Haiges, CEO, Digital Harmonic

“Anyone I spoke with regarding the event, location, content, attendees, networking and overall experience agreed it was a 100% success. Keep up the great work and looking forward to the next event.”
-Conor Sheehan, Vice President, TechInsights

“This was the only CLE/Seminar where I thought the value was far exceeded by the cost. I made money by going, lots of money.”
-Michael Shore, Partner, Shore Chan DePumpo

“The Forum is well suited for small group interaction and the break out rooms offer the opportunity private meetings and important business dialogue.”
-Marek Wernik, President, TechPats

“I was impressed by the quality of the faculty and participants, as well as by the size of the venue, which called for more in depth discussions and networking than at similar larger events.”
-Louis Carbonneau, Founder & CEO, Tangible IP

“I was delighted with the quality of the content, venue and organization of the event. The networking was also valuable with individuals from very different areas coming together.”
-Julia Elvidge, President, Chipworks

“We expect the upcoming event to be an equally informative and valuable event.”
-Harvey Kesner, Partner, Sichenzia Ross Friedman Ference 

“I was most impressed by the quality of the audience and the speakers. You managed to snare some extremely significant talent across the board and that made all the difference for me. The on-line system for setting up meetings worked great and certainly made it easy to meet new connections. The format was good and the table set up was great for fostering conversations with people I had never met before.”
-Ross D. Vincenti, Managing Director, SISVEL 

“The privately scheduled one-on-one meetings available to meeting attendees were extremely helpful and more effective than your typical conference networking opportunities. I look forward to attending the event again.”
-Scott Weingust, Managing Director, Stout Risius Ross